123RF advises to talk to plants while in confinement

Hello all. So only a few hours after Shutterstock’s letter to the community with regards to coronavirus, 123RF- Inmagine Group decided to speak up as well. It was about time, given that the group’s HQ is in Malaysia where lots of cases are spawning. 
Shutterstock and 123RF chose different approaches. While SSTK’s letter was signed by the COO, 123 had Stephanie Sitt sign their email. Stephanie is now the CEO but she’s also the wife of the company’s founder, Andy Sitt, and has always been extremely involved in high decisions. 123RF went for a less professional and more friendly style in its email to the contributors and clients. They also showed a very cute illustration of suggested activities we can do while we’re stuck at home. I particularly like the ‘talk to your plants’ recommendation as it is something I’ve been doing even before the epidemic. 

Here is the full letter:

Dear friends and customers,

In light of the continuing spread of COVID-19 in the past few months, INMAGINE Group has stepped up measures to safeguard our staff at our offices around the world, while simultaneously ensuring that our products and services continue to be delivered efficiently to you.

At 123RF, we prioritize the safety of both our employees and clients. With that said, we wish you, your colleagues, family, and friends well during this crisis, and ask that you take extra precautions to be safe and stay healthy. By doing so, we can help minimize the spread together!

If you’re practising social distancing and working from home (like us) here are some suggestions of what you can do at home from our colleagues at Designs.AI.


We’re still here when you need us!

As the virus continues to ravage economies and communities, all of us have to change the way we work and socialize, just to be safe and stave off the threat. Amidst these challenging times, please rest assured that we will continue to deliver the highest level of quality service to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your relevant, dedicated Account Manager. You may also reach out to us on our support pages or Live Chat or email us at If you’d like to call instead, here’s our complete toll free and local number directory for your convenience.

As always, we value your presence and look forward to continuously supporting you in making your business successful.

Together we shall prevail, be safe out there!

Stephanie Sitt
Group Chief Executive Officer
Inmagine Group

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I was born in Paris, France, yet I grew up mostly in Venice, Italy and in England. Accustomed by my family and driven by my curiosity for the world, I have travelled extensively and lived in various countries across Europe, Asia and Central America.

Capsules Book selected me as one of the Leaders in Contemporary Art 2020.

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At 16, I moved to the UK where I settled for five years. At first, I stayed in Sussex living and studying at Worth School. Once the International Baccalaureate achieved, I spent a summer volunteering in Thailand.

The University of Exeter was my first choice, thus I moved to Devon. While achieving my degree in Management and Marketing with Advanced Proficiency in Spanish at Exeter University, I worked as a Marketing Researcher and Quality Analyst for the world leading marketing consultancy firm, BPA Quality, where I had the privilege to deal with accounts of the calibre of Emirates, Samsung, Honda and more.

It was also during my business studies at the University of Exeter that my creative adventure started. 

I was walking in the street when I saw in a pawn shop a Nikon. It was love at first sight. Within a few months I became a stock photographer.

Being extreme by nature, two of my greatest passions are backpacking around the world and climbing volcanoes, as my photography witnesses it. I also indulge in water sports such as diving and sailing which I combine with my love for photography. 

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From 2016 till 2019, I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I worked as a marketing specialist for 123RF and its umbrella business Inmagine Group, one of the largest creative companies in the world. 

The opportunity enabled me to discover further the creative industry but also to observe closely the way business is handled in Asia and compare and contrast it to the West, as I  coordinated numerous people and several projects mainly across Europe and Asia.

It also provided me with the tools to develop extra skills, such as copywriting, publicity concept planning, EDM implementation, and to enrich my IT skills: on top of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, I am experienced with WordPress, CRM and Google Analytics.

It was in Malaysia that I further explored my artistic interests, going beyond photography and indulging into sketching, illustration and digital art together with graphic design and web design.



In 2018, I designed the books ‘Cosa fanno le mie piante quando non ci sono’, ‘Iceberg contro Iceberg’ and ‘Il Problema del Mese di Aprile’ by Francesca Schaal Zucchiatti, illlustrating their covers and editing the pagination.


In February 2019 I published my book ‘HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Customer services: Personalisation or Standardisation’ which is now available on all Amazon market places.


Today: Central America


Today I live in Fort-de-France, Martinique, French Central American Dept.

I work independently with photography, video, marketing and design. My clientele lists businesses and artists, which I assist with the creation of advertising campaigns, video trailers, photography, corporate identity graphic elements, book covers design and self-publishing plans.

Capsules Book, a known Australian publisher issued its new art book where I am featured amongst the leading artists of the year: ‘Curatorial Volume 2: Leaders in Contemporary Art 2020’.

I am a fierce opponent of today’s business models which separate graphic design and marketing planning into different departments, teams and workers.

I present myself as a bridge between marketing and visual creativity to stress the importance of approaching commercial graphics with one single mindset which can both conceive marketing material and create it concretely.

Marketing and graphics should be done together by a unique team or person.

I also continue to produce stock images as well as participate in online discussions about stock photography online with the valuable insights I have gained by working at 123RF.

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