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Selected as a Leader in Contemporary Art 2020: an immense privilege!

Capsules Book, a known Australian publisher just issued its new art book: ‘Curatorial Volume 2: Leaders in Contemporary Art 2020’. The book is a captivating documentation of today’s leading contemporary artists showcasing current artwork…

Turning 25 in confinement

Yesterday, 29th of April, I turned 25 years old.  It was a bit bugging to spend the day alone working at home but hey... it's quarantine time. So, I could not find a cake here on Martinique island where supply as easy to acquire as…
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It's been a year... Let's not forget

It's been a year since that dreadful evening in Paris. On the 15th of April 2019, a symbol of Christianity and of France was about to succumb: Notre-Dame Cathedral was on fire. Despite the bad times we are currently experiencing, let us not…

My latest work

Hello all! Thanks for all the comments and emails you sent me. I really appreciate it, especially in these hard times. If you would like to see my most recent work, just follow me on Instagram! My profile is victoria_schaal and your…

123RF advises to talk to plants while in confinement

Hello all. So only a few hours after Shutterstock's letter to the community with regards to coronavirus, 123RF- Inmagine Group decided to speak up as well. It was about time, given that the group's HQ is in Malaysia where lots of cases are spawning.  Shutterstock…

Shutterstock reassures contributors with this letter

Hello all, I just wanted to share this email I just received from Shutterstock. Seems like the cool attitude the U.S. had towards COVID-19 is changing drastically. Anyhow, I find it nice that Shutterstock thought of sending us this letter.…
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Let's fight Coronavirus despair with creativity...indoors!

Hi everybody. As these difficult times overwhelm our days, let us try to stay positive. Negativity, fear and despair undermine our creative power but we must fight!  If you are, like I am, in a country where you are urged to stay home…

Photo Reportage: First Steps on Martinique Island

Last September I moved to Martinique, an island of the French Caribbean.  As I took my first steps to explore the place, naturally I also took my first pictures of it. Here's a few shots of this paradise. 
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PhotoReportage: Luca Camuffo - Roman Dance (Eng&Ita)

La settimana scorsa sono stata a Roma per alcuni giorni dove ho incontrato il mio amico d'infanzia Luca Camuffo, che ora è un artista e un ballerino fresco di Accademia Nazionale. Mi ha lasciato fotografarlo mentre danzava sulla riva del Tevere…
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Me in brief

I am a Franco-Italian marketing professional and a visual concept creator living in Martinique (French Central American terrritories). I was born in Paris, France, yet I grew up mostly in Venice, Italy and in England. Accustomed by my family…
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Creative Block? Try Hypnosis

Do you ever have a creative block? You know ... Those days when you feel completely uninspired... when you spent so many hours on a chair that your butt has become square shaped and all you produced is good enough to wipe off your desk the stains…
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Famous blogger Rachel Lerch interviews Victoria Schaal on stock photography industry

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Rachel Lerch, a now famous blogger and vlogger who fascinates every week her thousands of subscribers and viewers with her enriching videos about photography. Naturally Rachel has talked several times…

World Stock Photography Market Report 2019

The new report about the the Stock Photography Market Report 2019 is out. This report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and chain structure. It also presents market analysis is provided…
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