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PhotoReportage: Luca Camuffo - Roman Dance (Eng&Ita)

La settimana scorsa sono stata a Roma per alcuni giorni dove ho incontrato il mio amico d'infanzia Luca Camuffo, che ora è un artista e un ballerino fresco di Accademia Nazionale. Mi ha lasciato fotografarlo mentre danzava sulla riva del Tevere…
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Creative Block? Try Hypnosis

Do you ever have a creative block? You know ... Those days when you feel completely uninspired... when you spent so many hours on a chair that your butt has become square shaped and all you produced is good enough to wipe off your desk the stains…
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Famous blogger Rachel Lerch interviews Victoria Schaal on stock photography industry

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Rachel Lerch, a now famous blogger and vlogger who fascinates every week her thousands of subscribers and viewers with her enriching videos about photography. Naturally Rachel has talked several times…

World Stock Photography Market Report 2019

The new report about the the Stock Photography Market Report 2019 is out. This report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and chain structure. It also presents market analysis is provided…
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Stock photography agency employee: Best Ways to Make Money

If you, like me, have enthusiasm for digital photography burning in you, a profession in digital photography would certainly be a fantastic suggestion! Yet, making money with photography is easier said than done! Stock Photography is definitely…
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Photo Reportage: Il lato oscuro della manifestazione No Grandi Navi (The dark side of the protest against cruise ships in Venice) ITA-ENG

Venezia, Italia  --- Venice, Italy  02.06.2019 Una nave da crociera MSC riscontra un'avaria al motore. (An MSC cruise ship discovers an issue with the engines) Il vascello è incontrollabile e finisce per scontrarsi contro…

Book Covers and Book Design

Italian author Francesca Schaal Zucchiatti needed novel and creative artworks for her latest books and a designer for the pagination of the manuscripts so that they would be ready for online publication and selling on Amazon. I drew the book…
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''How Do You Like It?'': My New Book

In February 2019 I published my latest book. It is available on Amazon worldwide. Get your copy here. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?  Customer Services: Personalisation or Standardisation? Abstract: This research faces two practical questions,…
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Level Up Conference in KL 2018: Report

Last week I had the chance to attend the famous Level Up conference in Kuala Lumpur. The atmosphere at Level Up was truly electrifying. Seeing all these youngsters showing their artistic creations was absolutely marvellous. The conference…
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VR, my first time: amazing but disturbing

I live in Kuala Lumpur and at this time of the year the monsoon hits us hard especially during the afternoons and evenings. The rain floods streets and the humid heat renders the air stale and tiring. So what to do on a Saturday night in…
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Stock Photography Agency Employee: "It's a gym for beginners!"

Hi, I am a stock photographer. Actually, that is how my passion for photography started all together and  throughout the years lead me to become a visual artist and a stock photography agency employee. In fact, I am a marketing specialist…

Advertising, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Graphic Design on my Portfolio here

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Nikon releases two full frame mirrorless cameras

Last Minute News Nikon is releasing two full-frame mirrorless cameras on August 23rd! The cameras apparently will get rather sci-fi android names: the Z6 and Z7 (so original guys!) They are said to be introduced alongside three lenses…
Victoria Schaal Photographing on the shore of the Krakatau Volcano in Indonesia 2016

I'm on Behance

It seems that a visual artist or photographer must be on Behance these days...and on Instagram... and on Facebook and on LinkedIn and on a website and on Twitter and on Pinterest... Jeez, the time and energy wasted on all these publicity channels…
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