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PhotoReportage: Luca Camuffo – Roman Dance (Eng&Ita)

La settimana scorsa sono stata a Roma per alcuni giorni dove ho incontrato il mio amico d’infanzia Luca Camuffo, che ora è un artista e un ballerino fresco di Accademia Nazionale. Mi ha lasciato fotografarlo mentre danzava sulla riva del Tevere nonostante i 39 gradi sotto il sole! Potete vedere le foto qui sotto.

Sebbene le sue origini siano veneziane, Luca vive a Roma da anni. Ha frequentato il Centro Elaborazione Danza di Laura Sgaragli, l’Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma e ha anche partecipato alle residenze artistiche del Premio MAB.

Dal 2012 collabora a progetti di artisti di fama internazionale (Andrea Morucchio, Lukas Bures, Katia Della Fonte) sperimentando le possibilità del corpo in spazi non convenzionali, unendo fotografia, video e bodypainting.

Per contattare Luca Camuffo, ecco la sua e-mail: lc.camuffo@gmail.com


Last week I was in Rome for a few days and I had the chance to meet my childhood friend Luca Camuffo who is now a popular artist, dancer and performer. He let me shoot him while dancing on the bank of the Tiber despite the 39 degrees under the sun! Have a look at the pics below.

Although his origins are Venetian, Luca has been living in Rome for years, where he attended the ‘Centro Elaborazione Danza’ of Laura Sgaragli, the National Academy of Dance and also participated in the artistic residencies of the MAB Prize.

Since 2012 Luca has collaborated on projects with international artists, such as Andrea Morucchio, Lukas Bures, Katia Della Fonte,  experimenting with the human’s body infinite potential, combining photography, videography and bodypainting.

If you’d like to contact him, drop an email here: lc.camuffo@gmail.com


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Famous blogger Rachel Lerch interviews Victoria Schaal on stock photography industry

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Rachel Lerch, a now famous blogger and vlogger who fascinates every week her thousands of subscribers and viewers with her enriching videos about photography. Naturally Rachel has talked several times about stock photography as well.

Thus, it was a pleasure for me to participate in her latest video and answer all her questions about the industry with my knowledge and insights from when I was Marketing Exec at 123RF.   

You may see the video below.

I also strongly recommend Rachel Lerch’s other videos, which I find extremely useful to improve photography skills and highly engaging. Rachel also has a beautiful website where you can see her work and read her blog.

You can visit it here: https://rachellerch.com/2019/08/10/stock-photography-employee-shares-inside-scoop-how-to-be-successful/

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Photo Reportage: Il lato oscuro della manifestazione No Grandi Navi (The dark side of the protest against cruise ships in Venice) ITA-ENG

Venezia, Italia  — Venice, Italy  02.06.2019

Una nave da crociera MSC riscontra un’avaria al motore. (An MSC cruise ship discovers an issue with the engines)

Il vascello è incontrollabile e finisce per scontrarsi contro una crociera fluviale e la banchina in zona S.Basilio. Fortunatamente nessuno è morto. (The vessel is out of control and wounds up in a clash with a river cruise and the pontoon in the S.Basilio area. Fortunately nobody got killed.) 

Nel pomeriggio le proteste inizano a farsi sentire e il movimento No Grandi Navi si piazza davanti alla prefettura di Polizia. Peccato che i manifestanti siano quattro gatti che a breve si dileguano. (In the afternoon protests can already be heard and the No Grandi Navi movement demonstrates in front of the police headquarters. It is a pity, though, that the protesters are too few and they soon depart.)


Ma i membri del movimento No Grandi Navi sanno organizzarsi e il sabato successivo 10 000 manifestanti si riuniscono in un corteo alle Zattere alle 16.30. (But the members of the movement against cruise liners called No Grandi Navi know how to prep up and on Saturday 10 000 protesters unite in a manifestation in the Zattere area at 4.30pm)

C’e’ chi protesta a piedi e chi in barca. In fin dei conti protestare in barca contro barche ha molto senso… (Some protest on foot, others on boats. After all, demonstrating against boats, by boat makes a lot of sense…) 

È bello notare che questo corteo usa un linguaggio forbito ed elegante sui cartelloni… (It is nice to notice that this demonstration uses an elegant and sophisticated vocabulary on its banners…)

Dalla folla escono urla e grida, canzoni popolari o inventate sul momento. Bandiere e stendardi si alzano verso il cielo con fierezza. La dedizione alla causa dei manifestanti è indiscutibile….

(The crowd lets out screams and shouts, popular chants and made up songs. Flags and banners are proudly raised high. Protesters’ dedication to the cause is undeniable….)

Venice, 08.06.2019 Policeman in front of protesters against cruises. Victoria Schaal

La marea umana riempie le strade, obiettivo: Piazza San Marco. Le forze dell’ordine seguono con attenzione. (The sea of people floods the streets. Target: San Marco square. The police follows what goes on carefully)

Il corteo avanza attraverso le strade del centro chic di Venezia, da Santo Stefano, passando Calle XXII Marzo verso Piazza San Marco, tutti passaggi occupati da marche lussuose come Burberry, Gucci ed Hermes. Le forze dell’ordine deviano il traffico di turisti per lasciar passare il corteo senza che nessuno si faccia male. (The manifestation advances through the glamourous streets of the city centre, from Santo Stefano square, through calle XXII Marzo, till San Marco square. This itinerary hosts luxury brands such as Burberry, Gucci and Hermes. The police deviates tourists towards safer streets in order to let the manifestation pass without hurting anyone.)

Ma c’è chi resta bloccato nella zona di pericolo… Questa povera turista francofona si è appena comprata un articolo da Hermes e uscendo dal negozio si ritrova giusto in mezzo alla linea di poliziotti antisommossa! È un momento di grande panico e si vede con quanto impeto la turista cerca di allontanarsi dal pericolo! 

(However, there are people who get stuck in the danger zone! Like this poor francophone tourist who has just bought an item at Hermes and exiting the shop she finds herself  in the middle of the task force’s line. It is a moment of great panic. In fact you can observe how hard the tourist fights to get out of danger!)


Verso le 17.45 la folla raggiunge San Marco. La piazza è interdetta alle proteste pubbliche ma qualcuno se ne frega. (Around 5.45pm the crowd reaches San Marco. It is not allowed to protest publicly in the square, but some do not give a damn)

Venice, Italy, 08.06.2019 Protesters against cruise ships in Venice

Il grosso della manifestazione viene tuttavia stanata dai poliziotti e carabinieri in tenuta antisommossa all’entrata ove stanno le due colonne che un tempo segnava il loco di esecuzione pubblica. However most of the manifestation gets stopped by carabineers and policemen in armour at the gates where once upon a time guilty people were publicly executed, between the two columns.)



Arrivano finalmente le 19.30. La folla, il caldo, il sole, le urla…..che gran mal di testa! (It is finally 7.30pm. The crowd, the heat, the sun, the screams….what a headache!)






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”How Do You Like It?”: My New Book

In February 2019 I published my latest book. It is available on Amazon worldwide. Get your copy here.

HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?  Customer Services: Personalisation or Standardisation?

Abstract: This research faces two practical questions, which have arisen in the past decades and have not found a concrete solution yet: how do individuals expect customer services to be delivered and which is the most effective approach to retain customers.

The importance of customer retention is now widely recognised and the vital role of customer services in it has been agreed. Yet, the bridge that links customer services and customer retention is a field still mined by discussions and arguments.

Scholars depict two main approaches in order to retain consumers: standardisation and customisation. Although academics have produced extensive studies on these approaches and have evaluated both, none has gathered primary data on the matter in order to reach a more realistic, reliable and applicable conclusion.

This dissertation explores the numerous academic works, but also attempts to obtain results through the production of an inductive qualitative research aiming at interviewing consumers in order to discover concretely what are their preferences and the reasons behind their reactions and behaviours.

The results of the research provide concrete answers to this dissertation’s questions: they indicate the exact expectations customers’ have in relation to how customer services agents should serve them and illustrate how individuals’ favourite approach changes depending on subjective factors. Furthermore, this dissertation can serve as a basis for future studies on the topic, as well as represent a priceless starting point on which organisations may train their customer services. Based on academic theory and the research’s findings, it attempts to provide guidelines to create a successful training program for businesses aiming at customer services improvement and consumer retention.

Wherever you are in the world, get your copy on Amazon.com  If you’re in  -United Kingdom, get it on Amazon.co.uk  // Italy, Amazon.it // France, Amazon.fr // Germany, Amazon.de //  Spain, Amazon.es // Japan, Amazon.jp


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Level Up Conference in KL 2018: Report

Last week I had the chance to attend the famous Level Up conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The atmosphere at Level Up was truly electrifying. Seeing all these youngsters showing their artistic creations was absolutely marvellous.

The conference talks were held by a plethora of speakers from a wide range of backgrounds within the gaming, digital art, software and hardware industries.

I found particularly interesting the presentation given by HTC regarding VR and their future intentions for the new technology. The speech was quite technical but luckily I had gone to a VR lab the week prior to Level Up to try it out as I wrote in my previous article. My first experience was quite…..hilarious. If you’re interested in seeing a ridiculous girl pretending to ski in VR and falling by herself, click here to watch the video.

A disappointment, however, arises from the lack of debate regarding the ‘side effects’ of VR.

We do not know how the human psychology will react once VR is easily accessible to everyone or even a future commonly found at home tech, like they all seemed to predict at Level Up. Controversial studies have been carried out and subsequent correlations have already been found between violent videogames and real life aggression. And this was with 2D on screen games, so what’s it going to be with VR games? And we also have lots of cases of gaming addiction, particularly in Asia where bootcamps are held for rehab from technology. So what’s going to happen with VR in the mix too?

I loved some of the games that were exhibited and was mesmerised by the new Prestige range of MSI laptops. In fact, I am very tempted to buy the P42: such a powerful laptop and yet so thin and light. A masterpiece truly. If you’re interested, you can have a look at its features here. After all, both 11.11 and Black Friday/CyberMonday are getting close so we won’t feel to guilty to buy a new toy if it’s discounted!

So all in all, the success of Level Up is totally justified. It was well organised, the location very neat and pleasant, the crowd quite varied and the speakers capable.

But to me, the best of Level Up was seeing so many young minds attending, each showing a great passion and a strong will to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment like gaming, apps and digital art.

In a way a contradictory but also reassuring observation I made was that several of these digital talents were still sketching on paper all the time, even during talks. It is nice to see that art evolves but the starting point remains traditional: the hand sketch.

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VR, my first time: amazing but disturbing

I live in Kuala Lumpur and at this time of the year the monsoon hits us hard especially during the afternoons and evenings. The rain floods streets and the humid heat renders the air stale and tiring.

So what to do on a Saturday night in this weather? Go to spend an hour at the VR lab.

Last Saturday was my first time (VR-wise) and my boyfriend suggested a ski game to, as he put it, ‘experience fully the power of VR‘. Sure. Why not.

As I was ‘experiencing fully’ the thing, he decided to film me in one of the most ridiculous moments of my young life. You can see it too here.

In conclusion, I found VR to be an extrordinary thing. It’s incredible how effectively real everything feels. I say feels and not looks, as it’s not the graphics that make you believe you’re in other dimension. It’s the whole interaction between the visual illusion and your brain that drives you nuts.

I did feel nausea when jumping on my skis, scared when some snakes tried to eat me, tired after a pub fight and I had a strong headache afterward. But it was totally worth a try and I will likely go again some time.

Yet, I cannot prevent myself from thinking about the potential consequences of VR on human psychology. Using it an hour at an arcade is no biggie but VR will likely become more and more affordable and am sure a good portion of the population will end up having it at home, always accessible.
Controversial studies and correlations have already been made regarding violent screen-videogames and real life aggression. And we also have lots of cases of gaming addiction, particularly in Asia where bootcamps are also held for rehab from technology. So what’s going to happen with VR in the mix too? How many individuals will prefer the virtual reality they build themselfves to their actual lives?

How many people who may already be prone to addicition, violence or psychological trouble will lose their minds with VR?

This is not a criticism. I leave these questions open as I am clueless of what’s going to happen. Yet, I do find that these questions are not asked enough.

Next week I’ll go to the Level Up Conference in KL and hope to find some answers.

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