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”How Do You Like It?”: My New Book

In February 2019 I published my latest book: HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Customer Services: Personalisation or Standardisation? by Victoria Schaal Abstract: This research faces two practical questions, which have arisen in the past decades and have not found a concrete solution yet: how do individuals expect customer services to be delivered and which is the […]

Level Up Conference in KL 2018: Report

Last week I had the chance to attend the famous Level Up conference in Kuala Lumpur. The atmosphere at Level Up was truly electrifying. Seeing all these youngsters showing their artistic creations was absolutely marvellous. The conference talks were held by a plethora of speakers from a wide range of backgrounds within the gaming, digital […]

Stock Photography Agency Employee: “It’s a gym for beginners!”

Hi, I am a stock photographer. Actually, that is how my passion for photography started all together and  throughout the years lead me to become a visual artist and a stock photography agency employee. In fact, I am a marketing specialist for 123RF. Stock photography is often criticised by the so called ‘real photographers’. Yet, […]

I’m on Behance

It seems that a visual artist or photographer must be on Behance these days…and on Instagram… and on Facebook and on LinkedIn and on a website and on Twitter and on Pinterest… Jeez, the time and energy wasted on all these publicity channels is crazy… all time not being used to create. It really frustrates […]